Introduction To Five Week Training

Teach Wellness

Welcome to the Teach Wellness training program. Over the course of this training, we will introduce you to the Teach Wellness curriculum. Through instructional videos, selected readings, and weekly quizzes, you will become familiar with our best practices of health and wellness.

Each week we will share 6-10 short videos with you. These videos clearly depict and describe the poses that you will be teaching, and the language and cues that you will be using in order to deliver precise, simple instructions to your students. You will also be sent a 7-10 minute video each week for you to practice along with. Gaining firsthand experience with these exercises is crucial to your understanding of how to teach them. You will not be asked to do anything complicated or overly challenging (like standing on your head).

The underpinnings of our wellness program are traditional yoga poses, strengthening exercises, breathing exercises, mindful practices, and relaxation. There are also poses that we’ve generated, which serve to address important developmental aspects of the brain and nervous system.

The operative idea behind health and wellness is that we are multi-dimensional beings. The sensations of the body are not divorced from our mind and emotions, and the ability we have to feel well or unwell is intricately linked with all aspects of our being. As early as 1872, Charles Darwin wrote that the emotions we feel are expressed as physical sensations in the body, such as heartbreak and gut-wrenching fear, or joy and giddiness. Thus, in our Health and Wellness classes, we do not focus solely on the physical body for exercise, but also include purposeful breathing, mental focus through the gazing of the eyes, and the mindful development of attention to and engagement with our environment (friends, family, teachers, and surroundings).

We have summed up our approach to wellness in five interconnected aspects of our being, which we call the Five Points of Health and Wellness. They are:

They are:

  1. The body
  2. The breath
  3. The mind
  4. Attention
  5. Engagement

Each week we will focus on one of these points through short reading assignments (rarely if ever exceeding two pages) which aim give you a fuller picture of the intent behind the exercises, breath work, mindfulness practices, and relaxation techniques that you will be teaching upon your completion of this training. There will also be a recap quiz consisting of 5 questions at the end of each week.

We hope that these pre-training modules are fun and useful, and that you feel better after doing the practices. When our team begins the three-day training, you will be well-positioned to consolidate and apply your knowledge.

If you have any questions about the material during the next month, you can write me directly at eddiestern@me.com.

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